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2 Hour Virtual Admissions Seminar where you will learn how to refine your college list and tips for standing out in your application.

A detailed calendar and dated to-do list so you don't have to worry about missing important deadlines.

1-hour Financial Planning Seminar with a certified college financial planner.

Two 2-hour In-Person College Essay Brainstorming and Writing Workshops.

Two private consultations with your writing coach.

Exclusive use of the College Essay Easy System for
brainstorming personal statements and supplements.

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This could easily cost thousands
of dollars with over-priced private tutors, but at the College Essay Easy Academy,

you get the entire package for only $599!!!!

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For Every Student and Family



Admissions Seminar Only

The College Admissions Seminar will help students navigate the intricacies of the college application process.  Led by a seasoned college counselor, students learn the tools to create a college list, how to be competitive in the admissions process, and strategies to complete the process in a timely and successful manner.

The seminar is 2 hours in length and includes a Q&A period.

*Coupons can not be applied to this option


The Full Package

- 2-hour Admissions Seminar

-Calendar and Dated To-Do List

-1 hour Financial Planning for College Seminar

-Two 2-hour In-Person College Essay Writing Workshops

-Two 15-minute Private Consultations with your writing instructor

-Exclusive use of the College Essay Easy System


Smaller class size and double private consultation time
for students
with Learning Differences!

You get everything listed in the Full Package plus:

-Smaller class sizes for more individualized instruction.

-In-person workshops are

2.5 hours to allow for differentiated instruction.

-An extra 30 minutes of private consultation time.

-IEP or 504 review prior to the workshop.

-Instructors are certified Special Education teachers

For students

We are the ONLY   
college essay and admissions coaches who have the expertise to advise and coach students with Learning Differences.

You will not find this anywhere else!

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The Admissions Seminar

Attendees can expect invaluable insights and guidance at our college admissions seminar, including expert advice on selecting the right schools tailored to their aspirations and strengths. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive calendar and to-do list, simplifying the planning process and ensuring seamless navigation through the intricate college application journey.

Two of our Admissions Seminars will focus specifically on the application process and various programs offered for students with learning differences. While the processes and options vary from school to school, our Admissions Coach has been expertly guiding families through this process for years. She is one of the few people with expertise in this area and often knows more than your high school's Special Services Department. 

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The Financial Planning  Seminar

Let us guide you through optimizing funding for your child's education.


You'll discover how to:

  • Select colleges offering generous financial aid packages

  • Boost your eligibility for both financial and merit-based assistance threefold

  • Fulfill your child's educational aspirations without financial strain

  • Sidestep common errors in the aid application process

  • Uncover lesser-known scholarships and grants

  • Afford private college tuition for your teenager at a cost lower than state institutions


Plus, a wealth of additional invaluable insights awaits!

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