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The College Essay
Easy System

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Our Mission: To make the college admissions process more equitable and less stressful for ALL!


Our  Vision: All students, despite their background, geographic location, or economic circumstance, are able to enjoy the cathartic process of crafting their personal statements instead of agonizing over them OR resorting to using AI!

As a private college essay tutor for over twenty years, I have seen firsthand how the teenagers who work with me benefit from personalized attention. As a high school English teacher, I have tried for years to provide my students, many of whom cannot afford a pricey tutor, with the same experience. Unfortunately, there are just not enough hours in the school day. 

After agonizing over this, I realized that while the students benefit from the 1:1, I often find myself recycling my advice, especially in the brainstorming and story-crafting part of the process. That got me thinking- what if I could catalog all my advice for easy personalized use at home? Would it be possible? Wouldn't the sheer amount of unique stories make this quest impossible? After sorting through hundreds of essays, I have discovered that while teenagers may occasionally surprise me, their stories frequently share common themes, regardless of where they grew up.  Curious, I reviewed the hundreds of college essays I have worked on over the last few years. From that, I determined that all represent about 100 story categories typical for your average teenager!

I then reviewed the College Board's Common App Essay questions and grouped them into 18 more specific ways to approach the essay. 

To streamline this for at-home brainstorming use without a tutor, I connected the 100 stories with the Common App Essay Prompts most likely to work. 

The outcome is an algorithm, a recipe system of scalable supports that can be used at home, in tutoring centers, in classrooms, and in underserved school communities, some of which have more police officers than college counselors.

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