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  • If you are already a skilled writer, should you still attend a workshop or hire a private essay coach?
    If you are a skilled writer, it is possible that you won't need much assistance in the proofreading and editing phase, but even skilled writers benefit from coaching on brainstorming and crafting this very specific and important essay.
  • How much does a private college essay coach cost?
    Our tutors charge between $80 and $200, which is the industry standard. Be wary of hiring tutors through a tutoring center. The tutor is the talent, but the agency often takes a big cut of what you pay. We believe these agencies exploit teachers and pay them far less than they deserve. Our private tutors are independent contractors who keep 100% of their clients' fees.
  • Can you use ChatGpt or another AI to help you write the essay?
    While AI has many great uses, please don't use it to write something as personal and important as your personal statement! Students often mistake the finished AI product for appearing "polished." While it might be grammatically correct, it always sounds disingenuous and downright boring. Reading an AI essay reminds me of American cheese. It is cheese, but also, is it cheese?
  • How much does a private college counselor cost?
    According to the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), as of 2017, college admissions consultants charged an average rate of $200 an hour. Furthermore, according to US News: "A quarter of consultants charge more than $200 per hour while 15 percent charge less. Comprehensive package fees can range from a low of $850 up to a high of $10,000." (
  • How important is the essay in helping me get accepted into colleges?
    The personal statement and related supplements could be crucial for your college applications, especially if you choose not to submit test scores or your scores are below your desired institution’s average score. The essay showcases your personal qualities, highlights your writing skills, addresses any challenges you have faced, and demonstrates how well you will fit in on each prospective campus.
  • Will my high school incorporate college essay preparation into English class, or will my district provide it as a complimentary workshop?
    It is possible that they will. Some high schools offer excellent programs to juniors or seniors. Others, not so much. How well do you know your teacher? Is the school using a specific program, or does each teacher approach it differently? Is the essay merely assigned as a "fluff" assignment to juniors at the end of the year? How is the essay evaluated? Does the teacher offer conferencing? What is the teacher's experience level? Are you in the right frame of mind to work on your essay in June of junior year?
  • Can my college counselor help me with my college essay?
    Most likely, they will claim they can, but should they? While most college counselors are familiar with or have some knowledge of the essential components of a strong college essay, if it's not their area of expertise, you might fare better handling it independently. Over the past two decades, many students have requested feedback on college essays they've drafted during the summer with their college counselor. Unfortunately, they tend to be our least favorite essays. They often sound like a middle-aged person wrote them and missed the mark entirely. There are people who watch a lot of baseball and believe they can tell you whether a pitch is a strike or a ball better than the umpire, but you wouldn't pay them to be your pitching coach!
  • Will hiring a private essay coach give me a competitive edge? Is it necessary to hire a private essay coach to gain an edge?
    Hiring a private essay coach can potentially provide you with a competitive edge by offering personalized guidance and feedback tailored to your specific needs. However, whether it is necessary depends on various factors including your writing skills, access to other resources, and individual preferences. While a private coach can offer valuable support and expertise, there are alternative methods for improving your essay, such as reading books on the subjects, utilizing school resources, researching online, or attending workshops. Ultimately, the decision to hire a private essay coach should be based on your assessment of your own needs, including, but not limited to, weighing the acceptance rates of your chosen schools and how much you can afford to pay.
  • Your workshop package includes two 15-minute consultations, will that provide adequate individual attention for crafting a high-quality college essay?
    Yes! Thanks to the revolutionary College Essay Easy System. Previously, hours of effort were required to help students delve into their core memories and craft a narrative that showcases their strengths. However, our patent-pending system was specifically designed to facilitate the best writing outcome in a workshop or classroom setting. That being said, not every student writer operates in the same way. If you are dedicated to independent work between classes and sessions, the valuable insights you gain in your private consultations will be enough to enhance your essay significantly.. However, if you come to sessions, especially your private consultations, unprepared, you may not achieve your derived results.
  • How are you able to charge an affordable price without sacrificing the quality of your program?
    Crowd-sharing! Thanks to our patent-pending College Essay Easy System, what used to be available only in private tutoring is now available in a group setting. Because of that, we can charge each participant less than we charge for private tutoring, making it a win-win for everyone!
  • What happens if I select dates for my writing workshop that no longer work for me?
    Our refund policy ensures a full reimbursement if cancellation is made more than 10 days before the workshop starts by notifying us at For cancellations within the 10-day window, participants have the option to reschedule for another workshop date or apply the fee towards private tutoring services. If you need to change either dates or locations, please contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.
  • Do you offer any guarantees?
    Here are our participant expectations and money-back guarantee- Attendance and punctuality are vital for both in-person workshops and virtual private sessions. Maximum engagement, participation, and preparedness are expected from students to derive the greatest benefit from these sessions. For virtual private sessions, adherence to the scheduled time is crucial; any lateness will reduce the allotted 15 minutes for consultation. While we acknowledge unforeseen emergencies, rescheduling classes or private sessions is generally not possible without advance notice. However, we will make reasonable accommodations where feasible. We hold immense confidence in our program's effectiveness, evidenced by our full money-back guarantee if a student fails to gain acceptance into any college they have applied to, provided they have attended and prepared adequately for classes and consultations and are open to feedback about their writing.
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